Harper’s Netflix tax video lampooned online

1000-netflix-tax2jpg.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxA video of Conservative leader Stephen Harper vowing to not bring forward a Netflix tax — and declaring his love for Breaking Bad — is being mocked across Canada and beyond.

Released on Harper’s social media accounts on Wednesday, the 53-second video features Harper in front of a TV featuring the Netflix logo.

“Something you might not know about me is that I love movies and TV shows,” Harper says in the video. “One of my all-time favourites is Breaking Bad. It’s even available on some online streaming services, if you’ve never seen it.”

Harper quickly shifts gears, saying “some politicians” want to tax digital streaming services while he’s “100 per cent” against a Netflix tax.

Social media users were quick to lampoon the video with jokes, parodies and autotune.

“Can no longer tell real Canadian political messages from the Onion articles,” one person tweeted, referring to the popular satirical news website.

The hashtag #HarperANetflixShow also began trending — with over 7,700 tweets, according to Twitter Canada — as users tossed around new show concepts (like Breaking Baird, Orange is the New Government, and Better Robocall Saul, to name a few.)

The video is making the rounds south of the border as well, with Time magazine referring to it as “widely-mocked.”

So what does the online streaming service in question think about all this?

“Netflix does not engage in electoral politics and has not had discussions on this particular issue,” Netflix spokesperson Anne Marie Squeo told the Star.

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