Netflix Surpasses HBO in Subscriber Revenue

Netflix_HBO-479x189For Netflix and its CEO Reed Hastings, HBO is Goliath, which makes for a fun read whenever the company passes a new milestone or HBO metric and Hastings takes to his Facebook page to highlight it. (“Albania takes it up a notch” comes to mind — posted shortly after Netflix received its first Emmy nominations last year.)

The latest is a pretty good one, too: According to Hastings, Netflix edged out HBO last quarter in terms of subscriber revenue. In Q2, Netflix made $1.146 billion, compared to HBO’s $1.141 billion.
Don’t count out HBO, though. It still has $578 million in quarterly profits and 99 Emmy nominations to keep it comfortable. By comparison, Netflix made $71 million last quarter, and netted 31 nominations at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Hastings is aware of that, and notes it in his post.

That said, HBO remains the clear target for Netflix. As the company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in an earlier GQ profile: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.”
It is the first pay TV provider to agree to carry Netflix in the country.

Vodafone customers will be able to watch on their TVs using the Netflix app on their set-top boxes. They will also be able to find titles using the search engine or recommendations section of the Vodafone service.

Vodafone Spain is part of Vodafone Group, which offers mobile services in 26 countries and fixed broadband services in 17. It has 55 partner networks worldwide.

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