Netflix’s Global March Continues with First Series Shot in Spain

NetFlix-480x189Netflix doesn’t just want to stream its service in every corner of the world, it wants to plant production flags there, too. The global march continued today with the streaming giant’s announcement that it has greenlit its first original series to be filmed entirely in Spain.

The yet-to-be-titled 50-minute-long series is being produced by Madrid-based Bambú Producciones, led by Ramón Campos and Teresa Fernández Valdés, producers of the Spanish series “Gran Hotel” and “Velvet,” co-created by Gema Neira. The 16-episode first season will begin shooting later this year.

The drama focuses on four women from different backgrounds hired to be switchboard operators for the country’s only telephone company in 1920s Madrid – “a place which represents progress and modernity, where jealousy, envy and betrayal get mixed up with a hunger for success, with friendship and love, but, above all, with dreams,” according to a release from Netflix.

Netflix launched in Spain in October as part of an ongoing global expansion that, as of January 2016, has brought it to 130 countries.

Previous foreign-shot series include “Narcos,” which was filmed in Colombia with Brazilian actor Wagner Moura in the lead, its first Spanish-language original series “Club de Cuevos,” filmed entirely in Mexico, and “Las Layendas” (“The Legends”), its first animated series for kids to be fully produced in Latin America.

In February, Netflix greenlit its first German-language series, the supernatural thriller “Dark,” which will debut exclusively on the streaming service in 2017. Earlier this month, it began principal photography on the 8-episode Portuguese-language sci-fi series “3%” in São Paulo, Brazil. It is scheduled to premiere later this year.

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