New On Netflix: ‘House Of Cards’ Season 4, ‘Good Burger,’ ‘Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan,’ ‘LEGO’

The beginning of the month is the best time to binge on Netflix, and this week’s a doozy, with a new season of “House of Cards,” the cult classic fast food comedy “Good Burger,” two “Star Trek” movies, two new “LEGO” shows… better get watching.

Here’s your slightly snarky list of what’s new and departing from the Netflix streaming service in the week of Saturday, Feb. 27 through Friday, March 4. For what’s specifically launching today, including “Fuller House” and the sequel to the martial arts classic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” see last week’s New On Netflix.With a name like “The Naked Mile,” you’d think this was about streaking across a college campus, except that the “American Pie” series is a far more sophisticated and complex… never mind. It’s about streaking.

“Before We Go” (2015)

Girl misses train, girl meets busker, girl deals with morning after.

“Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland” (2016)

To save the Goat House at Blue Mountain State, college students must party.

“El Desconocido” (2015)

Even bank executives don’t deserve phone calls telling them a bomb is under their seat and set to explode.

“Fresh Meat:” Series 2

Wait, more university shenanigans?

“Frog Kingdom” (2013)

A frog princess objects when her father offers her hand in marriage as the prize for the Froglypics. Wow, we sure were backward way back in 2013.
A movie about an African-American Vietnam vet that Netflix describes as “a potent mix of documentary realism, dreamlike narrative, and Godardian agit-prop.” Our recommendation: Watch it anyway. It’s very, very good.

Tuesday, March 1

“Adult Beginners” (2015)

Slacker uncle becomes suburban nanny, and sadly takes no Vivian-Maier-style photos.

“Ahora o Nunca” (2015)

Things go wrong at an English wedding.

“Aldnoah.Zero:” Season 2

Things go wrong in Earth-Mars relations, anime-style.

“American Pie Presents: Beta House” (2007)

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